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Horizontal (Passive) Income Streams and Why They Are Important

How many different horizontal streams of income do you currently have? Are you like the 99% of Americans who trade their time for money as your only source of income? I have finally figured out this is one of the largest mistakes you can make if you want to hit Financial Independence.

A few weeks back I heard one of the best quotes I have heard in a long time. “If your money isn’t making money for you when you are sleeping, then you are doing something wrong.” This quote got me thinking about how many horizontal income streams I have.

What is a horizontal income stream? A horizontal income stream is a specific asset you are generating income from on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

As I started to lay out my compelling scorecard I would be using to track my progress and see how I am progressing towards my goals, I outlined a goal of getting to 10 horizontal income streams.

Here is the current state of my horizontal income streams:

I have made large strides to put myself in a position to continue working my way to financial freedom. I have come a long way from only having one source of income, yet, I know I still have so much to learn from the community and getting my $$$ to make more $$$ for me.

Challenge: I challenge you to think of how many income streams you currently have and whether or not you should begin thinking about expanding your horizontal income streams!

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