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June Savings Rate – Over Three Quarters of My Take Home

June Savings Rate calculation complete! Ended the month at an 85% savings rate! Back to back months hitting 85%! I honestly didn’t think that was going to be possible.

Very excited about the ability this month to have an 85% savings rate. Started the month off off with a $153 alcohol tab in LA…I know I know. Had to celebrate Liverpool winning the Champions League finals with the boys!

You might notice I have added one additional expense type this month, Business. As I was going through my expenses, I started noticing I had large expenses coming up that didn’t have a good category. Some of the major expenses that came up this last month were:

  1. Advertising dollars spent on the Orlando Playing With FIRE documentary I am hosting ($70)
  2. Purchasing a year subscription to a posting application to help me get into Deep Work and get things done much faster
  3. An application year membership to help with a soon to announce investment venture I am plan to go down

Total Income In June ($12,288). Broken down:

  • Home/Utilities: $668
  • Food: $128
  • Entertainment: $442
  • Business: $556


I know I can do better than this and need to focus on eliminating some of the larger expenses that have popped up the last two months. Time to push myself and see if I can get to 87% next month! Here we go July! Bring it on.

My main takeaways from June:

  • It isn’t about how you start the month, but how you finish the month! Even though I came out of the gate with a huge $150 alcohol bill at a bar, I cut back spending on alcohol for the rest of the month
  • I decided to add an additional expense column to track how much money I am spending on business related items. I classify business related items as anything I am doing either with investments or building my platform
  • I made a promise to myself to not drink for 90 days starting on 6/20. Time to see what cutting out alcohol is going to do to slashing my expenses

Another solid month, time to continue on this journey!


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