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Only You Can Change Your State of Mind

“Your happiness and suffering come from within. Only you can change your state. As you think, you are. As continue to think, you will be.” – Sam Torode.

Ever heard someone tell you, “What you tell yourself in your subconscious mind is will shape who you become and what your outlook is?”

You have a choice each and every day. You can wake up each morning happy and excited for the day to come, or you can wake up dreading your future. Here is the amazing thing about this! You get to choose! Others don’t choose how you feel. Your thoughts get to shape how you feel.

Nothing is holding you back from having positive thoughts resonate within your mind! A few things I currently do to help warrant positive emotion in my everyday life:

  1. Each morning, I write three things I am grateful for! This helps me begin the morning off by thinking positive emotion!
  2. Each morning, I read affirmations that talk about being positive, healthy and happy
  3. Each evening, I write down three amazing things that happened that day. Again, finishing the day off being grateful.

My challenge to you is this, smile at a random stranger today! Have you ever looked at a baby and smiled? Did you notice their natural response is to smile back? Do you know why? As a human being, we try to emulate the body language of others. This means when someone smiles at you, the natural reaction will be to smile back! It is amazing how good I feel if I get a stranger to smile back. Even if you don’t think that matters, the reality is a simple smile can turn someones day around and it also releases chemicals into your body that make you feel good!

Key Takeaways:

  • You get to choose how you feel! Positive thoughts will warrant positive emotion. Negative thoughts will warrant negative emotion.
  • Smile at a stranger each day! See if they smile back 🙂
  • Begin your day by writing down three things your grateful for. End your day by writing down three amazing things that happened that day.

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