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If You Stop Learning You Will Start Dying Inside

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything they learned in school – Albert Einstein.

Thoughtful quote from one of the greatest, Albert Einstein. Each time I read this quote, it makes me think something different.

I want to take this one in the direction of why continuous learning is so important in life. This was a concept two years ago I didn’t understand to the degree I wish. Two years ago I didn’t see a point of reading books or continuing to educate myself. I felt as if I had finished college and I would never want to continue to learn.

How You Once Were, Shouldn’t Shape What You Can Become

I despised reading. I despised the thought of sitting down to learn new things. I mean, why would I want to go back to learning after I was already done with college? Wasn’t that the point of college? Learn everything you need and go into the real world working your way up the corporate ladder.

I now have the mindset of wanting to continue to learn and develop myself every day. There are many ways to develop and learn. My favorite ways consist of consuming content in the form of books, podcasts and doing!

How My Mindset and Actions Have Evolved Over Time

In the last two years I have evolved my personal development to find what works best for me. This has consisted of replacing tunes while driving with personal finance/investing podcasts. Replacing watching tv reality shows with youtube interview programs like Impact Theory. Replacing my morning rush to work with a Miracle Morning routine that has me waking up excited for the day to come.

To me, the second you stop learning is the second you begin to lose the motivation and drive. Over the last year and a half I have consumed over 500 podcasts episodes, read over 30 personal development books and taken action on house hacking!

Every individual is different. You have to find which medium you best enjoy learning from. I am much more of a visual learner. Find what works best for you, but the main point is never stop learning! Even though you might have your degree doesn’t mean you should stop learning! Create goals that challenge your personal development and ability to continue learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Never stop learning. Period.
  • Find the medium you enjoy learning from most. You are not going to be like other individuals. You are unique. Test different things out till you find what you enjoy.
  • Find others who you respect and want to be like in 5 years and begin consuming their content. I have gone down many rabbit holes from finding a content creator and brilliant mind. I recommend you do something similar.
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