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Your Phone Isn’t Worthy of Your Morning!!!!

This weeks ridiculous challenge: No phone time for the first 30 minutes of each day.

Yeah. You read that right. No phone for the first 30 minutes of the day. But YRB33, I set my alarm each morning to wake up to on my phone. Oh boo hoo. You can go buy a $5 alarm clock. Crazy enough those still exist today. Go get one!

Why this challenge? I continue hearing the ability to control your first and last hours of the day to be critical. What better way that having a Miracle Morning with no screen time beforehand.

There is one fundamental issue with screen time first thing in the morning. You are not in full control of what you might see and how seeing that will make you feel. When you have 0 screen time in the first 30 minutes of the day, you have complete control of what you see and think about. This is true power.

Benefits I Expect To See

There are a few key benefits I expect to see from doing this challenge.

  1. I expect my eyes to feel less strained! Ever noticed how your eyes feel drowsy after too much screen time? This might be me, but my eyes are always struggling after looking at a screen for too much time.
  2. I will have complete control of my thoughts in the morning. I will also have much more control over my time in the morning. There are many times when I go to check social media with the expectation of spending 5 minutes. That 5 minutes turns into 30 and now I am in a rush to go somewhere. Take control of your time and mindset!
  3. The first 30 minutes of your day are critical to setting your day up to be productive. Focusing on a morning routine will allow you to clear your mind and take full advantage of the first hour.

I am sure there are many other benefits to no screen time in the first 30 minutes of your day. These are a few that come to mind for me.

I thought the cold shower challenge the other week was pushing it, but this might cross the line. I am super interested to see if anyone else is willing to take this challenge with me. If you already do this, more power to you! That is awesome and you are awesome!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Control your thoughts at the beginning of your day to have the ability to control what you see.
  2. Challenge yourself to do things that feel uncomfortable. This is something that I will definitely struggle with.
  3. Go buy an old fashioned alarm clock! They actually exist and were the main source of waking people up prior to the smartphone.
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