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How I Found $192 Owed To Me In Less Than 5 Minutes

All credit to @howtomoneypod on this one! ⠀

The other week they posted about how to find money owed to you from various businesses and companies. It is simple! Go to to check and see.⠀


After visiting the website, this is what you will see:

When I went online, I input some information that would help identify myself. Less than 2 minutes later, the website notified me of my old college owed me $192.50! I would have never known about this money if it weren’t for this website! I input my new home address to the website and received a check in the mail for the amount owed in less than 10 days. YES!!! That is right. In less than 5 minutes I had found $192.50 owed to me. Now I know this will not be the case for most, but does it hurt to go on and find out?

How I Think Missing Money Works

The website uses your personal information to determine debts owed to you. I don’t care how they do it to be completely honest. I am happy that I saw @howtomoneypod post and went online to check it out!

What are you waiting for! Go check out and see if you have any debt owed to you! Let me know if you end up finding some money you didn’t know about!

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