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Work Ethic – The Most Undervalued Trait Missing In Today’s Society

Mixing things up on this Wisdom Wednesday. This week, I wanted to share an incredible book I finished listening to on Audible.

The book is ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins. This particular version from Audible was particularly interesting. David Goggins has open discussion between chapters where him and the individual reading the book discuss the chapter. You hear unfiltered context after each chapter to gain further insight into Goggins.

Who is David Goggins? Goggins is one of the most mentally tough individuals in the world. As he describes in his book, this is mainly driven off his work ethic and his focus on pushing his body. Goggins completed a 100 mile race with 0 training and a week advanced notice. He completed hell week in Seal training twice. He has completed many 135 mile races that only the most elite of elite athletes dare to attempt. He holds a world record for most pullups in a 24 hour period at 4,030. To put it in Goggins words, “I am the baddest m***** f******* around.” I would agree haha.

Here are the main things I took away from the book:

  1. His famous 40% rule: “When you think you’re done, you’re only at 40% of your bodies capability.” Goggins speaks to his firm belief of how 99.999% of people give up when they have only given 40% of their potential. He is a firm believer that people are capable of pushing themselves 60% further.
  2. Work ethic is the single most important thing. This is a mindset shift. You have to be willing to endure things most aren’t willing to endure to be extraordinary.
  3. Most people say they don’t have time to do a lot of the personal development or things that would help them realize greater potential. They don’t realize the vast amount of time they are wasting by sleeping in. Goggins starts his days off at 4am with a 6-10 mile run. He then eats breakfast and proceeds to ride his bike for 20 miles into work. By 9am he has already accomplished what most don’t in a weeks time. The time exists if you make certain sacrifices in your life. This isn’t for most people. Leave the mornings for me.

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