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Airbnb Superhost Tips and Tricks – Length of Stay Critical Things To Know

First Airbnb Superhost tip and trick! Here we go.

The length of stay requirements you have on your listing is critical to drive higher occupancy rates. There are a few different tips and tricks I would recommend when setting this for your Airbnb.

Pro Tips For Why The Length of Stay is Important

First, understanding how often your listing will be displayed is critical. The lower your minimum stay rule, the higher likelihood you are to show in a search. Think about it, if someone is looking for a three night stay and you have the min stay at four nights, your listing won’t show up. The more often your listing shows up, the more often you will have opportunities for the guests to book! More bookings is more revenue!

Second, did you know you can edit the min night requirement by specific date ranges!? I didn’t either, until yesterday when I was doing a bit deeper of a dive. Airbnb actually doesn’t do the best job letting you know this is an option.

Providing an example will help illustrate this in the best manner. Let’s say your min night stay is set to 3 nights. You have someone book Monday to Wednesday of a certain week. Another guest books Saturday to Tuesday of the same week. This would leave you with Thursday and Friday night unbooked. You might be okay with that, but why not try to increase your bookings and get those two nights booked.

You might be thinking, well if I have a 3 night min stay, there is no way I can have someone book. Luckily, that is not a correct statement and you can alter those dates specifically! Here is how:

Go to your listing and click on the Availability tab as shown below

Next, scroll down to the ‘Trip details portion of the page and click ‘Edit’

Next, scroll down and click ‘Add another requirement’ as shown below

Now, you can go in and choose to edit specific min stay requirements for specific date ranges as shown below. Ensure you select ‘Specific dates’ as shown below

You will now be able to input the Start Date, End Date and min stay for that time period as shown below:

Ensure you click save, and then you will see something like the below edit I made to my Airbnb listing recently:

This is an incredible way to have a higher min night stay but still allow yourself to fill smaller gaps in vacancy.

Third, understanding your market is very important. There are many areas where a couple night stays are more the norm. Many areas where you are targeting business travelers staying during the week. In my area, Orlando,Fl, there are many families that come to Disney. The typical stay is dependent on the time of year. Off season, it is much more common for weekend only bookings. With that in mind, I set my min to ensure at least three nights are booked. Early on, it is important to offer one night mins. This will allow your listing to get a higher amount of views. As you get more and more experienced you will figure out for your area what the right min is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The minimum length of stay you have for your Airbnb is critical! The lower the min is, the higher chances are of more people seeing your property.
  • You can alter the length of stay requirements for different time periods following the step by step process outlined above!
  • Figure out the most optimized length of stay requirements to have for your property in your area! I don’t believe it is a one size fits all equation.
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