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Airbnb Superhost Tip – How to Make More Money Part I!

Most Airbnb hosts have one source of income through Airbnb. That source of income being the amount the guest pays at per night.

The amount the guest pays per night should be the main source of income, but don’t let that stop you from more! There are a few different ways I try to increase my income by a couple hundred dollars a month.

This is one of the awesome ways I am adding more income each month! The below screenshot shows an additional $40 of income generated for heating the pool! The Airbnb I purchased in Orlando has a very nice screened in pool. Along with the pool came a unit to heat the pool during the “colder” times of the year.

With this in mind, I now make sure my guests know that there is an option to turn on the heater to the pool if they would so like. For this, I charge an additional $20 per day!

I am still trying to better understand what the additional electricity costs will be. After speaking with my pool guy, he thinks it should be between $6-8 per day. This one trick alone has the potential to net an additional $15 per night. If you take my current price per night of $110-140, that is an extra 10%!

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