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Weekly Challenge – Wake Up 30 Minutes Early

Simple challenge this week. Yet, I am confident 99% of people will say they want appreciate their sleep and won’t do it.

Set your morning alarm to 30 minutes earlier than normal. Need some extra motivation, here you go. Watch this video.

Why Wake Up Earlier?

The answer to this is pretty simple. The morning is the one time of day where you can find the most calm and stillness. If you wake up before 99% of people, you can take time to yourself to reflect and plan out your day.

What does your typical morning look like? If you are like most, you hit the snooze button 2-3 times. You set your alarm for the latest possible time where you will then feel rushed to get wherever you need to go. When you do this, you immediately enter a mode of stress from the beginning of your day. Imagine if you had some time to relax.

How To Maximize Your Mornings

I wrote in great detail last year on what I do with my mornings. You can find the articles here:

The main advantage I get from waking up early is the sense of relaxation of my mind. I am about to not feel rushed at the start of my day. Getting out of my bed in the morning is definitely difficult, but if you get out with intention, imagine how your day could look.

Are you up for the challenge of setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier? Don’t worry, most aren’t. More for those of us who are ready to take charge of their days.

Key Takeaways:

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