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Why You Shouldn’t Judge Others Based Off Behavior Itself

I am currently reading ‘The Speed of Trust – The One Thing That Changes Everything’ by Stephen Covey. Early on in the book he made a point I have heard before but never resonated with me. We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior.
Have you ever thought of how we are sometimes hypocritical with what we think and how we judge others? I can definitely take some ownership and say I have been. There are many times our actions don’t mimic our intention. An outsider looking in wouldn’t understand by looking at the behavior itself.
Don’t Be So Quick To Judge Others
There are many times I have made snap judgements about someone based off one behavior I saw from them. Take a step back before judging someone and ask whether their behavior mimics their potential intentions. You might be surprised with the answers you come up with.
What I Take Away From This Quote
There are many things that someone can take away from a powerful quote like this. We have over 60,000 thoughts that go through our head over the course of a day. Some of these are positive thoughts and some are negative. Many are judging others based off their behaviors. It is second nature for us to judge others as things happen throughout the course of a day.
The main thing I would ask is put more thoughts before judging others. There are many times where you can judge someone for something that is probably way off from their intentions.
How This Relates To Social Media
Now to bring it full circle. Social media is something that we have been getting more and more accustomed to. This didn’t even exist 15 years ago and it is wild to see how quickly it has evolved.
When scrolling through your feed, it is very easy to make quick judgements on someone after one post you see. Many of the times you judge someone from a post, that judgement is probably not accurate.
There are so many incredible accounts and people I have met through my instagram account. While everyone might have a different motive, everyone posts for a certain reason. This reason could be to gain followers, share knowledge, or connect with others trying to do similar things.
No one intention is right or wrong. My main goal is to be supportive of all the amazing accounts out there. It wasn’t too long ago where I remember only having 100 followers. It has been a wild journey the last year and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.
Heck, my content has evolved over time. From having no idea what the heck I was doing to trying to create a more consistent theme and look. I have learned a ton from some of the amazing accounts out there. I want to always stay true to my core values. My main goal is to try and provide value while sharing all the things I am doing with my investments.
If I can motivate one person a month to begin thinking about taking control of their financial future, that is enough for me.
Key Takeaways:
  • Don’t be too quick to judge others based solely off their behavior.
  • There are many times your specific behavior doesn’t match your intentions.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt. 99.9% of people are genuinely good people and have great intentions.


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