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March Airbnb Update – How Disney Closing Has Impacted My Airbnb

Wanted to share a quick update on my Airbnb’s in the busiest time of the year! Disney announced they would be closing at close of business today for the remainder of the month. Universal followed suit. I purchase Airbnb properties in the Orlando area with my main guests being people who are visiting the area for the parks. A great investment, when the parks are open. Disney closing has had an impact on my short term rental business. 
These two months are what we consider the busiest time of the year  for Orlando travel! Well…should be the busiest time of the year for travel 🙂
What a wild world we are currently living in. From a massive fluctuation in the stock market each day to a pandemic that who knows what the final outcome will be.
Here is the awesome thing, I have 0 control of it. I wanted to share the reality of what happens when some of these things occur. These are real numbers from my Airbnb account.
The second Disney and Universal closed, I had 12 guests cancel between my three Airbnb properties. Am I mad about it? Heck no!
That is a part of the thing people call investing! This is part of the game. You have to be able to roll with the punches and put yourself in a position financially to get through this.
I am excited for being able to see something like this happen to understand some of the challenges that will occur through investing. This will absolutely not stop me from continuing on down the journey I am on.
I will be able to pay all my mortgages on my four homes without any issue if this were to continue on for another two years.
The message I want to deliver with this post is always have a gameplan for worst case scenario. That doesn’t mean you have to continue to tell yourself over and over that worst case scenario will happen. You just need to be able to financially take the hit and not lose everything.
That is the situation I have put myself into through all the investments I have.
In the meantime, if you are looking for heavily discounted prices to come to Orlando let me know! I have dropped my prices by 20-40% for anyone who still wants to come to Orlando!
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