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Florida Governor Bans Short Term Rentals In Florida – Actions I Am Taking Now With My Short Term Rentals

The Florida governor bans short term rentals in Florida. This is huge news and one of the first states where the governor has done this! Just received an email from Airbnb because my Airbnb units are all in Orlando!

Over the last week, the Florida governor has put an executive order in place to shut down all short term rentals effective immediately.

I am honestly not sure, but I believe Florida is one of the only states where the governor signed an executive order explicitly for short term rentals.

This is definitely a bummer, but part of the potential things that could happen once this virus started to spread.

There are three exceptions to this executive order:

First, “long-term” rentals of 30 days or more are still allowed.

Second, Rental stays where guests are currently staying in a vacation rental or have previously booked a stay with a scheduled check-in date of March 28th are still okay to stay.

Lastly, rentals to persons performing military, emergency, governmental, health or infrastructure response, or travelers engaged in non-vacation commercial activities are allowed to stay.

I am going to have to alter my current short term rental strategy to look for 30+ day stays.

I have also gone ahead and signed up on Airbnb’s platform to be one of the hosts open to renting out my home to first responders for a heavily discounted price. Might as well try to give back in these situations if I can.

What I Have Done

So far, I have converted all my short term rentals to be a minimum 30 night stays. This morning, I received a call from the guest who was supposed to checkout tomorrow at Turquoise, and he asked to extend his stay for 30 days.

Turquoise – Rented!

Ol’ Faithful is a whole different story. My HOA sent out a note yesterday morning stating that they will not be allowing any new guests in the security entrance for the foreseeable future. I told them of the situation and even explained exactly what the executive order stated, but they are still saying no new guests period.

I have emailed the GM of the resort 3 times and the board has declined my inquiries. Tomorrow morning, I plan to get on the phone with a board member so I am allowed to have my place rented out for greater than 30 days.

I think my HOA is being a little ridiculous, but will see what they say when I speak with them tomorrow.

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