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Market Volatility – What Stocks I Am Buying

The market has been extremely volatile the last month. With everything going on, there is a lot of opportunity for people who are positioned well to take advantage of it. The stocks being hit the hardest are the hospitality and travel industry (in my opinion). There are other sectors that I am sure are also being hit hard with everything going on. The hospitality and travel industry are the two that I feel are hit the hardest with everyone self quarantining. I also have had a direct impact I have felt with my Airbnb business that I have been operating. 
Yesterday, I received my bonus check. This allowed me the opportunity to invest in the market.
I invested $10,244 into the market and this is what I purchased.
Action On Stocks
My regularly scheduled $1,200 of VTSAX like I do every Thursday. This doesn’t change.
With the volatility in the market and certain sectors being hit more directly, I decided to look at some stocks I wouldn’t normally consider.
With that, I decided to buy Carnival Cruise Line (CCL), Delta Airlines (DAL), and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH).
I purchased Carnival at $9.18 which is 81% down from their high before the market began crashing. Carnival is another cruise line that I believe will come out strong after everything settles down. What exactly happens and if they are at their true bottom yet is to be seen. To checkout some articles on Carnival, click here. 
I purchased Delta at $22.375 which is 62% down from their previous high. I believe Delta will come back strong after everything settles down. They might need some financial help in the meantime, but I believe they will come back strong. Here is an article that talks a little bit more about some of the things going on with Delta Airlines. 
And lastly, Norwegian Cruise is down 84% to $8.36 where I purchased shares. Here is a good spot to read more about Norwegian Cruise stock. 
I am in these stocks for the long haul now. I believe these companies will bounce back after the hard times.
I could be right, I could be wrong. Part of the fun of investing!
Are there are opportunities like this that you are similarly trying to take advantage of? I don’t agree with trying to time the market, but when a sector of the industry is hit hard, I feel there is opportunity. Whether the particular stocks I chose are the right ones, only time will tell.
There are many other stocks in the travel space that I am sure would be good to look at. These are the ones I decided to buy.
As always, this is for entertainment purposes only, this is not financial advice.
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