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Travel Hacking to Diamond With Caesars

I recently travel hacked my way to Diamond status with Caesars. Why do this? You never know when a spontaneous trip to Vegas might come up! The overall process was pretty simple. To travel hack your way to Diamond with Caesars, you will need the following:

  • A similar rewards level with another supporting rewards program. For me, I could use Marriott or Hilton
  • Two months time for the match to go through
  • Access to a laptop!

Sounds pretty simple right? Here is the step by step guide to this.

Step 1: Match Your Status With Wyndham Rewards

The first step of the process is to match your rewards status program with Wyndham Rewards. We will essentially be matching a match to get the elevated status with Caesars.

The first step in the process is to match your highest rewards program Wyndham recognizes with Wyndham. To do this, create an account with Wyndham rewards. Once this account has been created, follow the steps at this link to upload your other rewards program:

Step 2: Wait a Month

This is an important piece to the puzzle. You have to allow one billing cycle to go through before matching your match to Caesars. For me, I created my match in January with Wyndham and waited till February 6th (to be safe) before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3: Create A Rewards Account With Caesars

Now that you have waited the proper amount of time, go create an account with Caesars and follow the same steps to match your Diamond status with Wyndham. Below is the link I used to do this:

You will need your rewards number from Wyndham in order to properly do this.

Step 4: Wait For Your Status To Match

Now it is time to wait. They say it will take 7 business days for your status to match. I found that it took 14 days before my match officially went through. Now it is time to enjoy the Diamond perks of Caesars.

Below is a snip of some of the benefits you will receive when you get Diamond status with Caesars.

Diamond Rewards Perks


Thanks to IG: @aunt.kara for detailing out this process on her IG account. I will enjoy some of the great perks of being a Diamond in my next visit to Vegas!


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