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Become The Master of Your Fate

“If you realize your creative power – if you assume responsibility for the seeds and soil of your inner garden – then you become the master of your fate.” James Allen, As A Man Thinkith

Time to diagnose this quote in two different segments.

Realizing Your Creative Power

A few months ago, I heard of a study that wanted to better understand individuals creativity. The study looked at 4 different groups of people. The goal of the study was to see which of the four groups could come up with the most creative solution to a problem.

The different groups were:

  1. NASA scientists
  2. Ivy league grads
  3. High school students
  4. Kindergarteners

Could you guess which group came up with the most creative solution? If you guessed the NASA scientists, you would be wrong. If you guessed the Ivy league grads, you would also be wrong. The High school students? Nope.

That’s right. Of these four groups, the kindergarteners developed the most creative solution. Why? The study determined a major key being age. Age can’t have that big of an impact though can it? When they dug deeper, they found the main reason to be the fact the kindergarteners had not had their minds brainwashed to think a certain way. The kindergartners had not gone through years of schooling being told to think a certain way. This allowed their minds to continue to think of limitless possibilities.

Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever thought about schooling being a way for individuals to force you to think a certain way? I hadn’t either. Now I am by no means saying the government is controlling how you think…let’s not go down some crazy rabbit hole. Here is what I mean. In school, you learn the difference of being correct versus being incorrect. We learn how we need to answer questions to get a good grade. Our thoughts end up conforming to thinking how we are being “trained” to think.

This is why the kindergarteners have a wild imagination full of creativity. Their minds are still young. They haven’t gone through years of someone telling them how to think to get a good grade. This allows them to think the world has endless possibilities. Ask a kindergartener to look up at the sky, ask them what they see. You will get some wild answers. Ask a college grad what they see, and you will get some basic answer. Interesting thought.

Taking Responsibility Of Your Fate

Have you ever wondered why you are where you are? Let’s say you are working the classic W2 job. Dread every Monday morning when you have to start a new week. Looking forward to every Friday to go out and party on the weekend.

Watch this video right now. If you haven’t seen this, it is incredible. Great quote from this video: “What if I told you this was the last Monday of your life?” Watch the video to get a little motivation and full story.

The main point from the video is to take control of your life. You get to make more choices in this life than you lead yourself to believe. Nobody is forcing you to work that 9-5 job you hate. Nobody is forcing you to spend all time outside of work sitting in front of the TV. Nobody is forcing you to spend money on material things you don’t need.

Think about where you are in your life. Are you taking control of your fate? Want to try and push yourself to the next level? Checkout this previous post I had on having a Miracle Morning each morning. Push yourself to grow.

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