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Saying Something Negative Is 40-70 Times As Powerful As Saying Nothing

That is right. Saying something negative is 40-70x more powerful as saying nothing. Simply stating something out loud is 10x more powerful than thinking it. I recently listened to an amazing Impact Theory interview of Mindset Expert Trevor Moawad. Here is the full interview, I highly recommend taking a listen to it. Put the TV down for 30 minutes and watch this instead. You will learn and gain so much incredible wisdom from this individual.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you have a positive thought or something you are thinking, say it out loud so it is 10x more powerful than internalizing in your mind. I think this is a reason why affirmations are so powerful. 
  • It is better to internalize a negative thought than externalize it. Period. When you speak a negative thought, it amplifies the possibility of it occurring. 
  • Trevor isn’t saying fake positivity in this podcast interview. He says be real with yourself, but the main thing is to not externalize negative emotions. 

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