Short Term Rental Superhost Bundle

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Get everything you need to know bundled together to save some money! These products will help you learn everything you need to know about short term rental investing and operating your property like a Superhost from the very beginning!

In this bundle you will get both of my products below

  • The Young Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting
  • Most Accurate Way to Analyze a Short Term Rental


Are you ready to launch your first short-term rental or Airbnb business?

Starting out can be extremely confusing, so I combined two of my products to create the ultimate bundle for beginners.

This bundle will give you everything you need to operate your property like a superhost from the very beginning.

Inside you will get two guides plus three additional add-ons to enhance the quality of your experience:

  • The Young Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting
  • Most Accurate Way to Analyze a Short Term Rental
  • A Welcome Brochure Template 
  • Checkout Instructions Template
  • The Advanced Analysis Gross Income Calculator

When you gain access to these resources, you will instantly have over four years worth of detailed information made available to you.

This is the most complete product for starting and successfully operating a short-term rental business.

The two guides:

The Young Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting

This guide will help you avoid all of the common beginner mistakes to hit the ground running as smoothly as possible. 

These are the exact methods and resources, I used to go from $11k profits in 2019, to over $477k between 2020 and 2021. This is designed to put you on the fast track to success and create an insurmountable gap between you and your competition.

If you have any desire to run a successful Airbnb business that will help you create financial freedom, then this guide will show you the exact steps to making it real.

Once you get your first 4-5 figure payout from Airbnb, you will instantly want to look for more properties to acquire. 

This brings in the second product:

The Most Accurate Way to Analyze a Short-Term Rental, 

Inside, I share my secrets to scoping out any property to estimate exactly how much profit you will make from it.

You will learn how to analyze:

  • Occupancy rates to accurately scope the demand for a property
  • Nightly rates to get the maximum return on your investment (a step up from monthly rates)

This is all reinforced with a selection of resources that I personally used to scale my Aribnb business to over $380k revenue in 2021. When you purchase this guide, you will also gain access to:

  • An excel file that allows you to perform proper analysis
  • Plus a step by step method to analyze the current market in the most efficient and effective way possible

No need to waste hours searching through data on big websites when you have access to this information.

Everything in this bundle is designed to put you on the fast track to making big money in the short-term rental game and be financially free in as fast as a single year!!

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1 review for Short Term Rental Superhost Bundle

  1. Domenick Booker-Pomata (verified owner)

    I bought the bundle at the beginning of the week and I’m halfway done. I’ve already learned a lot, I definitely would recommended it for anyone interested in STRs. I’ll post an update when I’m done. Great content I can’t wait to finish and begin implementation.

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