The Young Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting

(12 customer reviews)


Take your Airbnb management to the next level with this package of amazing files! In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about:

  • Analyzing Properties
  • Finding Right Location
  • Optimizing Airbnb Listing
  • Maximizing Revenue
  • Airbnb Things to Have
  • Automating Business
  • Becoming a Superhost
  • Smart Devices to Use
  • Software’s to Use
  • Training Your Team



SImilar guides from the competition will cost you $2,500 or more! I have worked diligently spending over 200 hours to compile everything I have learned in my three years of being an Airbnb Superhost. I currently own 5 short term rental properties and manage one short term rental property for a friends family. I grossed over $388k in 2021while netting $110k after all expenses paid. My highest net profit month to date was July of 2021 where I made $26k after all expenses were paid and capital expenditure set aside. I am not unique. You can do this as well by following the steps outlined in this guide.

If you follow what I have outlined in this Airbnb guide, you will be light years ahead of your competition!

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12 reviews for The Young Retiree’s Guide to Airbnb Hosting

  1. Zen Vacation Homes

    Incredible guide and exactly what I needed to continue taking my short term rental game to the next level! I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get into the STR business!

  2. Bryce (verified owner)

    I purchased this guide about two months ago, as my wife and I were just about to close on our first short-term rental. We’ve owned our AirBnb now for about a full month, and have had two successful stays so far. Not to mention, this entire month is booked, as well as the first half of next month. We got our first payout today from AirBnb for $1200, which covers our entire mortgage and then some! The tips and tricks that are shared in this guide are a game changer, and I’m confident we wouldn’t have had near as much success so far without it.

  3. Brittney Krznaric (verified owner)

    Amazing guide! I am getting ready to launch my first Airbnb and this is exactly what I needed. I feel very confident in listing my property, automating the right things, and the potential to scale when I’m ready! Definitely recommend!

  4. Steven Yang

    Like most people, I don’t generally trust “guru” guide as most of them are just inspirational quotes and call for broad general action but nothing specific. Travis’ guide however, is nothing but specific actions to take in order to become a 5-star super host. This guide covers from how to analyze and where to buy an Airbnb unit all the way to post check out customer service. Cannot recommend it enough.

  5. Jennifer Presley-Sanders

    This guide is very detailed and thorough!! I would highly recommend anyone interested in getting into short-term rentals or currently in short-term rentals get this guide as it lays out everything you should do with resources to utilize. I like that Travis tells you why he recommends these resources so you have context on why it’s beneficial. Nicely done Travis! 😁

  6. Meron (verified owner)

    This guide is amazing and really helpful!! I like the step by step guidance and the explanation for why Travis does certain things to improve his Airbnb business. The best part is learning of the automation of the business so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on your business! Would definitely recommend the guide for anyone interested in getting started!

  7. Jessica Juarez (verified owner)

    Amazing guide! Super helpful!

    I am new to STR, I got under contract on a cabin in the smokies and was overwhelmed because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was considering hiring a property manager for a bit as a backup!

    I decided to purchase this ebook and it was really great and detailed I am feeling much more confident that I will be able to setup my STR myself. It gave exact steps to take to setup your STR systems and processes. and can’t wait to self manage my first STR myself!

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    This ebook / guide is extremely comprehensive and will leave you feeling confident that you can start, run and successfully manage a short term rental business. You can tell that Trevor really took his time with each section and chapter. It’s full of valuable resources that you can come back and reference. I’m glad I bought it!!

  9. David Shank

    Listen, this guide was way more detailed and offered more exact information than what the short term rental books offer. The guide is more of a master class and less like some of the ambiguous books you read. I recommend this guide to anyone. I’m ready to start buying up properties and this guide gave me the knowledge and confidence to do so.

  10. Megan (verified owner)

    Great step by step guide! Very detailed and completely prepares you to purchase your first STR! Can’t wait to put this guide to use!

  11. Kyle Healy (verified owner)

    The AirBnB Guide provided by YRB33 is 100% worth the money. The guide he provided got my first AirBnB up and running and helped take what seemed to be a very large process and break it down into actionable steps. He walks you through setting up processes to automate communication with guests, which was an absolutely blessing. I could not have gotten my first House up and running with out in the same time frame I did. Looking forward to buying the next house and using the steps again!
    Thank you again for everything, I truly appreciate it! If you buy this guide and actually take action, it will be well worth it!

  12. Dustin Espinoza

    Great guide to get started. I used this guide to get my first property set up and feel comfortable enough to dive in into STRs. I will continue to use it in my future properties as it has the whole process laid out for you in very easy steps to follow. There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars for coaching or training, this guide gives you everything you need. Also, you can’t beat the amount of useful content Travis gives on his IG page. All in all, fully recommend it

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